Checking your vehicle’s engine oil is a quick and simple maintenance task that anyone can do. Most cars have an oil change about every three months or three thousand miles. It’s good to check your engine oil levels to ensure that it has not become too low or dirty. Lubrication will ensure the engine’s health and enable it to work smoothly, it prevents overheating among other critical duties.

Before you Pop the Hood

Check whether your engine is turned off and let it stay cool for a few minutes, give some time for the oil to settle. Inspect only when the car is on a flat surface to get an accurate reading. Use a paper towel to wipe off the oil from the end to attain a clear reading.

Locate the Dipstick

Check your owner’s manual to locate the oil dipstick under the hood. The dipstick is nothing but an instrumental rod, it’s used to dip in and out of your engine’s oil tank to gauge fluid levels. It’s usually easy to find with a colored handle, orange or yellow, and is located near the center spot of the engine known as the crankcase. If you can’t find the spot then it might be replaced by an electronic oil motor.

Read your Levels

To check the oil levels and measure the correct reading with a dipstick, remove the dipstick from the oil tank sheath, and wipe it clean.  Re-dip it until the dipstick is fully submerged and wait for a few seconds. Now pull it back and check where your oil line falls on the level indicators. 

Top Up the Engine Oil and Repeat the Process

Topping up can be done through the oil filler cap which is located near the dipstick cap. During this process, don’t spill the oil over other parts of the engine. Fill and wait for a while, allow to settle, and then check the oil level again. Checking the engine oil level once every few weeks or before you go for a long road trip will take just a few minutes. Fortunately, this precautionary measure can save you from huge damage that can also lead to costly repairs.

How Often Should you Check your Oil? 

With today’s modern cars you don’t need to get your oil checked often, it will alert you when the oil tank needs attention, you need not wait for that light to come up on your dashboard. Checking your oil levels once a month is quite good. The frequency of oil checks will depend on your car’s age, location, etc.

Checking your vehicle’s oil level is a simple task that takes only a few minutes. You must know how to check your oil, this will help you to ensure that your engine is being properly lubricated. 

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