When it comes to locating your septic system, you have a few different options. You can check the property records and even use a professional to find your tank. There are also several ways to mark the location of your septic system so you can find it easier. Learn more about Candu Plumbing in Thousand Oaks here.

Using a professional to locate a septic tank

There are many ways to locate a septic tank. A lawn ornament or small sign can be used to mark its location. A simple drain snake can also be used to locate a septic tank. Usually, a septic tank is around 10 to 25 feet from a home.

A septic tank buried too deep can cause the home wastewater system to back up. It is crucial to locate the septic tank in order to prevent a costly problem in the future. A pool of water around the septic tank may indicate a backed up septic system. To prevent this problem, you should cut back on your water use.

Septic tanks are constructed to hold wastewater and then separate the waste materials. The solid material settles to the bottom of the tank, while lighter solids such as grease and fats rise to the surface.

Once the solids and grease have been separated, the wastewater then flows out of the tank and into a drain field. The resulting liquid effluent is then broken down by biological action in the drain field.

Creating a septic tank map

The state of California wants to eliminate septic tanks. However, not all septic tanks are harmful to the environment and can actually help protect the water supply. If your septic system is well maintained and emptied regularly, you’re not likely to experience any problems. Some warning signs of a problem are stuff on the ground near the tank, back-up in your home’s bathrooms, and clogs in the leach lines.

There are several factors to consider when deciding to replace your septic tank. Fortunately, there are several Thousand Oaks plumbers who offer professional septic tank installation and repair services. The first step in getting a new tank is identifying where it needs to go. Then, contact a professional plumbing company to help you design a personalized septic tank system.

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